We are a European Rottweiler breeder, carefully following Breed Standard ADRK and FCI. Our breeding program is a small family-based kennel out of Maryland, carefully selecting only the top dogs with excellent health merits and temperament.

All of our dogs are selected for our program either for Show or Work.

We are also OFA health Certified & along with UCDAVIS ROTTWEILER Panel Tested.

Health testing is done before any plans on breeding, addition

before breeding, we perform std's test on both mating pairs 

a brucellosis & herpes test before mating takes place. 

(We stand by our health guarantee & Do not dock tails - no exceptions).

All our dogs/Puppies come with contracts & include obedience training

(for all local buyers) by appointment.

Breeding & Raising rottweilers

Coming from only the best and excellent bloodlines, We dedicate our time and devotion to training our dogs to be the champions that they are. 
Our goal is to preserve the true standard of the breed along with its true character, abundant strength, intelligence, temperament, and nobility. 

The breed's endurance and confidence to perform in any type of work, sport, or show are one of many characteristics and functions of the Rottweiler, that is what we strive to maintain.

Keep in mind this breed is powerful and can be very stubborn which demands respect and is not for all to own, staying consistent in training  socializing, and giving them plenty of exercise is a must! 

Top European Rottweilers